Consolidate existing or new surveillance cameras from multiple manufacturers, mix and match DVRs and NVRs, into a single pane of glass monitoring experience using the BlueVision Centralized Monitoring System (CMS)

Modern CMS

What do you expect from a modern CMS? It should give you the power to consolidate your monitoring irrespective of when, and from who, you bought your cameras. It consolidates and future-proofs your investment.


BlueVision allows customers to  consolidate surveillance cameras into a single pane of glass monitoring experience over a modern browser-based UI


Customers can monitor these cameras without worrying about dedicated client machines. Once BlueVision CMS is installed in the network, and configured with the cameras, users can open a browser on their computers and connect to the BlueVision CMS server to view and monitor the cameras from anywhere in the network, irrespective of make, model, and which DVRs or NVRs they are connected to.


It is ideal for customers who have:



Mix-n-Match Benefits

  • BlueVision supports ONVIF standard compatible cameras from over 12,000 makes and models. 
  • Customers and system integrators can use to consolidate CCTV and IP cameras streams over the LAN into one easy-to-use visual interface that supports:
  •  Works with existing cameras, NVRs and DVRs
  • Cameras can be spread across multiple DVR or NVR systems
  • Cameras, NVR and DVRs from different manufacturers can be mixed and matched
  • IP and non-IP networked cameras can be mixed and matched