Centralized camera monitoring, recording, alerting, reporting and archiving without hassles of managing servers, software installation or updates. Just pay-as-you-go and pay-as-you-grow with our Video Surveillance as a Service hosted by us in our secure cloud environment. Scale from one to hundreds of locations; from one to thousands of cameras.

Zero IT

No need for traditional IT hassles. CloudVision VSaaS can be enabled on existing or new cameras. Over 12,000 models supported.

Zero Install

There is nothing to install. No servers. No software. We take care of everything you need from edge to cloud.

Pay as you Go

Pay as you go allows seamlessly adding more cameras. Start with as few and grow to hundred, even thousands, of cameras.

What is VSaaS?

CloudVision VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) is a fully managed video security monitoring service offering.


Software is hosted, installed, managed and operated by 1stZoom on behalf of the customer.


Customers do not have to spend upfront costs of procuring software. Instead, they pay on a monthly or annual basis only for the number of cameras they attach to CloudVision VSaaS.


Once enabled with CloudVision VSaaS – new features and AI capabilities can be added dynamically.