Helping businesses create safe, secure and smart spaces at an affordable cost

Use Cases

Construction Safety

Mitigate the risks of theft, vandalism, fire, and property damage at construction sites.

Apartment Complex

Reduce the risks to people and property in apartment complexes and parking lots.

Auto Dealership

Get alerted on theft and vandalism in car lots. Reduce liability inside main building.

Mine Safety

Monitor your mines to reduce liability, chances of unsafe conditions and mitigate theft.

Shopping Malls

Monitor against theft, trespassing, parking lot nuisance and damage to storefronts.

Recycling Lots

Monitor against theft, pilferage and trespassing in recycling lots for vehicles, and scrap metal.

School Safety

Enhance the security of school premises to reduce threats and nuisance.

Hospital Safety

Monitor against unsafe conditions, and unauthorized access.

Cruise Ships

Bandwidth-efficient security and safety monitoring in cruise ships.

Commercial Buildings

Slash the security guard budget in half by adding our security monitoring service.

Public Storage

Prevent theft, vandalism and misuse (like people living in storage units).

Logistic Warehouse

Monitor logistic issues, pilferage and track safety of workers using smart monitoring.