BlueVision Products

BlueVision is a family of video surveillance software for mainstream customer requirements. 

BlueVision VMS

BlueVision VMS is a video monitoring and management system that can be installed inside customer premises or in colocation.

BlueVision CMS

BlueVision CMS is centralized video monitoring system that can be used to consolidated camera streams from many locations.

BlueVision Mobile

A mobile app that can be installed on an Android smartphone to turn the phone into a live CCTV camera for video monitoring.

CloudVision Products

CloudVision is family of products offered as SaaS from 1stZoom cloud.

CloudVision VSaaS

CloudVision VSaaS is video surveillance as a 100% managed service operated and managed by us and delivered from our secure cloud.

CloudVision PeopleSense

AI to sense presence of people and analyze different aspects of their behavior in the monitored space.

CloudVision TrafficSense

AI to analyze video streams from traffic cameras and get actionable insights for transportation departments.

CloudVision Footage

SaaS to store videos in our secure cloud. No need to manage storage servers, replacing disks, or software updates.

CloudVision Archives

Save up to 50% in video archiving costs with CloudVision Archives SaaS designed with optimal technology for long term archives.

CloudVision Watch

Save up to 90% in network bandwidth when connecting to CloudVision by using our edge-optimized CloudVision Watch connector.