Video Security Monitoring


Why Video Security Monitoring

Video security monitoring is a powerful way to improve the safety and security of people, assets and systems for any business or government organization. It serves as a security force multiplier providing coverage for larger areas than would be possible purely by adding security guard staff in a cost-effective manner. When combined with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning based video analytics, video security monitoring can be a powerful tool in the overall organizational and public risk mitigation.


We offer two product suites for customers who want to enhance their video security monitoring and bring it to a state of the art advanced system in an affordable manner. These product suites are:

  • BlueVision Product Suite – the BlueVision product suite is ideal for customers who want to procure using a traditional process and install software on their own servers, in their own datacenters, or get it hosted on their behalf. BlueVision product suite includes:
    • BlueVision VMS – a role-based access controlled Video Management & Monitoring System. BlueVision VMS allows customers to monitor their live cameras, set up video walls, record camera feeds, and manage it in a modern and simple user experience.
    • BlueVision CMS – a role-based access controlled Centralized Monitoring System. It allows customers to monitor cameras from different locations and consolidate them into a central command and control center with video walls and recording capabilities.
  • CloudVision Product Suite – the CloudVision product suite is ideal for customers who want to procure using a Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) purchasing model with a pay-as-you-go and pay-as-you-grow basis. CloudVision also enables customers to add various AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) video analytics features on top of the base VSaaS service very easily. Customers can be onboarded to the secure CloudVision services within hours and days, rather than months. CloudVision is delivered directly by our staff, and includes all licensing, operational, updates, maintenance and support.
    • CloudVision VSaaS – the base VSaaS service that provides for centralized live monitoring, video walls, motion sensing (does not require camera to support motion sense), recording, archiving and much more.
    • CloudVision AI and ML Features – various AI and ML features than can be dynamically attached to a CloudVision VSaaS base service.

How to select the right vendor

When choosing video security monitoring vendors, not all choices are equal. The most important things to look for:

  • Does the vendor have the ability to provide a technically modern solution or are they trying to sell you technologies that are obsolete or outdated?
  • Does the vendor have its own in-house technical team that can support you as your needs grow?
  • Does the vendor provide your organization with a high level customer support, and treat you as a unique customer rather than throwing products over the wall to you?
  • Does the vendor’s solution grow and scale with your needs – more users, more cameras, more locations?
  • How fast can the vendor onboard you on their product or service? Is it in days, weeks or months?