Safe, Secure and Smart Spaces

Boost safety, security and productivity of your business using our AI-powered turnkey solutions.

The Technology Difference

Deep Machine Learning

Deep machine learning powers the brains of our technology. It helps our products and solutions to see and understand situations quickly and reliably.

Edge Computing

Our products can be deployed on the edge for latency sensitive scenarios that require quick alerting and notifications to personnel and security staff.

Cloud Scale

Our core backend runs as geo-distributed SaaS (Software as a Service) enabling us to scale deployments from one location to global footprint.

Facial Recognition

Our facial recognition technology can recognize one among thousands of faces within seconds with 90%+ accuracy.

License Plate Recognition

Our ensemble machine learning performs state of the art accuracy license plate recognition for US, EU, UK and Indian vehicles. 

Enterprise Integrations

Our professional services team can work directly with enterprise customers for line of business dashboard, and third-party aggregation dashboards.



Our solutions helps you keep your people, customers and operations safe in these storage times.


24x7 security monitoring service solution gives you the complete peace of mind that your property and premises are secure.


Analyze and optimize the productivity of your business, factories and malls using our solutions.

Security and Safety Monitoring

It is hard for you to keep your people, operations and assets safe, and secure, in today’s complex environment fraught with a variety of threats. Our comprehensive security monitoring services combine our customer-centric attitude with modern technologies to mitigate your risks.

Covid Ready

Our Covid Ready AI allows you to detect conditions that can cause the spread of the novel coronavirus on your premises or in public places.


Are your security guards watching them 24×7 to prevent any mishap or intrusion?

Are you still worried about something bad that could happen?

Look no further!

Our AI-powered solutions can help you stay on top of everything at with a low affordable cost.


Turnkey Installation

100% turnkey supply, installation, and configuration of all necessary sensors, hardware and equipment.

24x7 Peace of Mind

24x7 monitoring service to give you complete peace of mind and assurance of safety

Visibility and Alerts

Curated alerts to the designated people, as well as to first responders (fire, police, emergency), as per your policy.

Smart and Efficient


Monitor your premises for a wide range of conditions and situations that can lead to safety and security issues for your people, customers and operations.


Monitor situations of interest even in far-flung and remote locations in an efficient manner that does not require extensive cash outlay.