Safe, Secure and Smart Spaces

We help you add AI powered intelligence on top of existing CCTV cameras, and other sensors. Better manage and monitor safety, security and operations of your physical spaces. Works with over 12,000 camera make and models.

Why 1stZoom

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Number of alerts fired
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Terabytes of data processed

10x Agility

Our solutions are designed from scratch to provide you with high business agility. Typical onboarding takes days instead of months.

50% Cost Reduction

Our solutions are customized to work with your space, people, processes and sensors reducing total cost of ownership by up to 50%.

100% Solution Approach

We take an end to end solution approach to help our customers solve their problems using the right AI, hardware and software.

Guaranteed Value

Use Cases

Police & Defence

Leverage and force-multiplier for police, defence and law enforcement personnel

Manufacturing & Logistics

Operational insights, compliance process monitoring and productivity analysis

Retail Shops & Malls

Customer loyalty, safety and security; reduce shrinkage, loitering and nuisance

Smart Facilities

Make your facilities smart by applying intelligent features on your IP and CCTV cameras

Smart Transportation

Monitor and enhance safety and security in public transportation networks

Smart Cities

Ensure smart city cameras are available and operational for incidents

Featured Solutions


CovidSafety AI package enable customers to mitigate safety risks by automatically analyzing unsafe situations like people not wearing masks, and not maintaining appropriate physical distancing.


The solution has bee successfully deployed on existing CCTV cameras at city-wide levels helping city administration keep its citizens safe.


Connect any camera from any location to our secure cloud-based CloudVision™ solution through our DirectAttach or EdgeAttach connectors. Once the cameras are connected - you can apply different kinds of AI to monitor people, processes and assets from anywhere.


BlueVision™ is a Centralized Monitoring System that can be installed on your own servers, within your own network, to provide centralized monitoring and alerting using a variety of AI that can be deployed on your CCTV cameras within the network. It can be used to connect to any make and model of CCTV and even combine NVRs from multiple vendors.


Simplify the monitoring of employee and casual workers, time and attendance, labour tracking, corresponding data collection and reporting. Track and obtain detail report on any device from any location.

Other Solutions

WatchTower™ Edge

WatchTower™ is our edge device that can be installed on-premise to connect video cameras to CloudVision™. Comes in three different sizes - WatchTower™ Mini, WatchTower™ Server, WatchTower™ Cluster - to serve different sizes of deployments.


BroadCast™ is a live video streaming service that can be attached to a CCTV camera to live stream the video to either the general public, or to selective audience. Market your properties and resorts with live view on your website with BroadCast™.

MobileVision™ App

MobileVision™ is our mobile app that can transform a smartphone or tablet into CCTV cameras that can be then connected to CloudVision™ for live video monitoring. Add any AI capability you want for security, safety and process monitoring.


1stZoom empowers police to observe, get notified and respond to citywide incidents in real-time.
Police Chief
Major city
We are able to use our existing camera setup to monitor for business compliance across our factory.
Managing Director
Major medical equipment manufacturer
We understand the flow of shoppers, where they hangout and where they linger in shopping mall.
General Manager
Large Mall