Safe, Secure and Smart Spaces

We provide end-to-end AI solutions to boost safety, security and productivity of your organization.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to transform your facilities and spaces using the power of AI. 

We do this by partnering with our customers to implement and deliver powerful and cost-efficient solutions for their business problems ranging from safety, security, process monitoring, business compliance and productivity.


 We use the “best fit” technologies to empower organizations to best meet their needs.

Deep Machine Learning

Deep machine learning powers the brains of our technology. It helps our products and solutions to see and understand situations quickly and reliably.

Edge Computing

Our products can be deployed on the edge for latency sensitive scenarios that require quick alerting and notifications to personnel and security staff.

Cloud Scale

Our core backend runs as geo-distributed SaaS (Software as a Service) enabling us to scale deployments from one location to global footprint.

Facial Recognition

Our facial recognition technology can recognize one among thousands of faces within seconds with 90%+ accuracy.

License Plate Recognition

Our ensemble machine learning performs state of the art accuracy license plate recognition for US, EU, UK and Indian vehicles. 

Enterprise Integrations

Our professional services team can work directly with enterprise customers for line of business dashboard, and third-party aggregation dashboards.

Why Us

Up to 10x Faster Time to Solution

We solve problems faster. Up to 10x faster than our competitor

Beat Competing Quote By 10% or More

We want to be your partner in your AI journey. We will beat other solution providers' quote for an end-to-end AI solution by 10% or more.

White Glove Customer Experience

We are a customer-centric organization and provide a concierge white-glove treatment to our customers including a dedicated account manager.

Leverage the Smart Power of AI

It is hard for you to keep your people, operations and assets safe, secure, and compliant in today’s complex environment fraught with a variety of threats. Our comprehensive security monitoring services combine our customer-centric attitude with modern technologies to mitigate your risks.


BlueVision™ is two-in-one product. Integrate CCTV cameras from many locations into a hosted CMS (Centralized Monitoring System), or install in your local network as a standalone VMS (Video Management System).

Smart and Efficient


Monitor your premises for a wide range of conditions and situations that can lead to safety and security issues for your people, customers and operations.


Monitor situations of interest even in far-flung and remote locations in an efficient manner that does not require extensive cash outlay.